Got Grief?

Don't we all?

Lance is an engineering specialist at a local steel pipe manufacturer in Houston. He's been married to the love of his life for well over 35 years.  Lance has two living children, a married daughter in the Fort Smith, AR area and a married son in that lives in Charleston, SC. He is an active member at Spring Creek Church of Christ in Tomball, teaching adult and school age bible classes.

Lance and Tammy lost their oldest son in 2012 as the result of complications from a drug overdose.  Lance Jr. was 29 years old when he passed away.  He loved working with disabled people, kids and the elderly.  Unfortunately, he suffered with drugs and alcohol as well as depression.  His death and the resulting load of grief drove Lance to seek relief for the deep emotions of loss he was experiencing.  He read books and attended support groups, but none seemed to help. When he found the Grief Recovery Method from the Grief Recovery Institute, he immediately bought the books and began to read about the program and the methods.  "It was the first program I found that actually deals with my broken heart and not my intellect," he says.  He went through the program and was certified to deliver the program.

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